Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hello World! My First post....

Man i really got inspired to blog by a close friend of mine who is an avid blogger herself. i just paid a visit to her blog (link removed due to privacy concerns) and I was blown away. She had coaxed and cajoled me into starting my own blog and i was like " no way, i am no good at this..", Then i came to know that a closer friend of mine also blogs and i checked out his blog too (link removed due to privacy concerns) and then I knew that I had to start blogging.

....and so here is my first blog. well since i am very punctual and regular, you can expect my blog to be regularly updated. did i forget to mention that i am also not at all honest ???

well more about my life 5th sem unviersity exams are going on and I gotta get studying for it.