Friday, March 3, 2006

American Pie 4 : Band Camp - Movie Review

The american pie series have always been slapstick hilarious and they all portray a very realistic picturisation of high school life. Yeah it's true that all of us won't connect to all thats shown in these movies , coz the high schools in the US are worlds different from those in Oman or India. But there are many small and big things that we can relate to our high school and college life.

AP4 :Band Camp is an extremely rib-tickling concoction of teen naughtiness and romance. The central character is Matt Stifler (played by Tad Hilgenbrinck) whose the younger bro of the famous pain-in-the-ass "Stiffmeister" Steve Stifler of the ealier american pie movies.Stifler Junior is no less naughty and everybody hates him without an exception.

Matt Stifler does a prank on the senior bandeez ("bandeez" is the term used for the geeky kids who form the school band) and things go awry and finally stifler Jr. is caught red-handed and naked backstage. He's sent to the counselor who's a weirdo and call himself "Scherminator". The Counselor decides to punish Matt by sending him to an annual camp of the Bandeez. Matt goes totally wild , but he can't do anything about it, he's consoled by the fact that he can get to really verify whether bandeez are actually horny or not. So buys a crate of spy cams and goes to Band Camp.

Matt looks totally out of place at Band Camp and he rubs everyone the other way, all the kids from his school pissed with him and he also manages to pick up fights with the defending champions. In the process his band (The East Great Falls High School band) loses 5 points for his unruly behaviour. Then he surprises everybody by winning back those points by playing the bagpipe. His school bandeez accept him into their group and he becomes very close to the leader of the bandeez , a female with whom his bro had a brief sexual encounter somewhere back in 9th grade.

All the while Stifler Jr.'s busy planting spycams all around the girls dorms and we get to see some very interesting footage. His acting and mannerisms are very cool and we actually begin to like this prankster, the way he always gets both his feet into his mouth is superb. On the way, he transforms his nerdy room-mate into his partner in crime. Stifler Jr. brings about a lot of difference to the bandeez. He helps his roomie get a girlfriend, brings about a lot of fun and enjoyment into the other bandeez and connects with Elyse (the band leader played by Arielle Kebbel). Soon he and Elyse get romantic and things are going perfectly, when his girlfriends drop in at Band Camp. These girls are the cheerleaders of Matt's school and are considered the "cool babes". They poke a lot of fun at Matt when they see him at Band Camp , that too wearing the junior's cap and t-shirt and all. Matt explains to them that he's here only for making a voyeur video and shows them his very own "Bandeez gone wild !! " video, but unfortunately Elyse comes by and she sees her own bathing video. She gets totally blown apart and everybody once again hates Matt Stifler.His final prank
at Band Camp gets backfired and instead of the defending champions getting sick, his school bandeez literally spill their guts in front of the judges and guests. That way, East Great Falls lose their Championship and Elyse's dreams of getting a sponsored seat at a music institute gets shattered.

Back at school, Stifler Jr.'s back with his old buddies, the bandeez ignore him completely and stifler feels bad about whatever he did. he deletes the spy videos and tries to make up with the bandeez, they trick Elyse by saying tht she got a sposorship at the institute she wanted to get one in and when she goes there all decked up , she finds out that her scholarship letter was a beautifully executed fake and she knows that only Matt Stifler hates her so much to do something like this. but suddenly outside the
institute, her banbd starts playing the music Elyse composed with Matt in the lead playing the Bagpipes. The Director of the Institute gets blown away and immediately hands Elyse the scholarship.Elyse once again falls in love with Matt Stifler and they live happily ever after......... yeah its not much of a movie but it's fun to watch and gets u all nostalgic about our school days. The movie didnt even have a theatrical release, it was a direct DVD release movie. If u have got the time and wanna have some fun then go ahead and watch this's definitely worth a watch.

Rating : ***