Sunday, August 13, 2006


STATUTORY WARNING : This article is for the strictly non-intellectual, moderately ambitious and most importantly extremely lazy under-graduate students who aren't interested in doing a technical job and for those who can't work their lazy asses out of their engineering courses but aspire to boss around other people who are way smarter than them (sounds like you ?? Well it definitely sounds like me).

How many of you guys are writing the CAT,MAT,GMAT….and the other management examinations ??

Well in case totally ignorant people are reading this then for your kind information :

- MAT 06 first batch exams are over and the second MAT 06 is on the 3rd of September , last date for sending the application forms is 12th August 06 (in case you didn't know MAT exams are held twice a year, I didn’t know that !!!!)

- CAT 06 exams are on the 19th of November 06

- MAT 07 will be held in the months of may and september 07.

- For details of GMAT and the other exams that I probably have never heard of, you may pay a visit to the internet or your resident education counsellor.

Well those of you who know me might be wondering when I started thinking and planning about the future….and that too collecting info on these exams…well people you didn't believe me when I said I was topper did you ( check the previous post " long long time… " )??

No I'm serious…'s long past time for us to decide what we want to do with our future (I know, I know that 99.9999% of my friends, most of whom are the intellectual type might have already got placed in one of the big MNC's and might already be planning which university their grand-children would study in, but as I said this article was meant only for the smart last-minute types like me….). I have been really late in getting myself upto the task, but better late than never as they say.

Joining engineering was a great idea but I can't even imagine a future in a pure white lab, working my ass off worrying about the Q-point of the second electron level of the thermoelectric equilibrium of monostable multivibrators, or designing the appropriate cut-off for the zener diode to be used in the 3rd emitter-follower stage of the impedance matched fixed frequency active filter enabled tunable oscillator or for that matter even the simple task of debugging the MPLAB program of the PIC 16F873X and 80196 microprocessor based meridian indicator…. (frankly I have a really cool imagination, but THIS is beyond my scope...) .

I'm serious …. I don't want to be soldering capacitors and resistors onto PCB's till the day my hair starts greying and growing thin. Oh yeah before any wiseguy says it, I really don’t think I have the capability or time to invent or discover something new and become world famous and filthy rich.

So my nearly obvious choice was to think about MBA….but I realized very late that I won't be getting anywhere near my dreams with just an MBA….that the MBA should come from a very reputed institution even if I just want to be a team leader at Gill Bates founded Microtough Inc. The giant companies won't even consider you if you aren't from the top 20 B-schools. And for getting there, there's only one way, and that way is the long, tedious, curving, pot-hole ridden and highly traffic polluted MAT and CAT examinations (an estimated 2 lakh+ students are writing CAT this year….from which only 2000 will get to the B-schools, from which only 1200 students will get the honour to rub shoulders with the world's greatest management gurus at the IIM's).

Hey these exams are not beyond the scope of anyone. It's easy, ok maybe that's not the way to put it…. It's not all that tough….if we try I'm sure we can make it. Actually I had got so nail-bitingly nervous about my future prospects that I paid a visit to an astrologer, he checked out my birth time and did several other calculations and came to the conclusion that I should start working immediately after my B.Tech or else I'll find it very difficult to find a suitable employer and might spend the rest of my life doing the family business or staying unemployed….but he said that if I get into a really good college for my higher studies (he must have meant the IIM's) then after my Masters, my 'Rajayogam' (period of life where we enjoy fame, fortune, and all the other good things and don't have any disappointments at all) will begin. So people, pray for me….and if anybody's got anybody who can pull strings at the IIM's or those who are placed in good firms and are in a position to recommend me to their companies, please let me know coz if I neither get a job or admission to the IIM's then I'm doomed …. On second thoughts soldering capacitors and resistors doesn't seem to be such a bad idea after all.

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