Sunday, November 6, 2011

Open Letters and Political Correctness

I am sure that all of us have gone through the 'open letter to delhi boy' saga which was all the rage on FB sometime ago. For those of you who were lost in the wilderness or busy playing with themselves :

1. The mother of it all : The Original Open Letter

This blog may or may not have been very popular before, but it has virtually become a viral mega-success thanks to the famous open letter to a delhi boy. The post in question is basically a rant by a pissed off chick at her ex, both of whom are apparently from 2 diverse cultures co-existing in the same country. This post is definitely worth a read for the awesome humor quotient. But RaagShahana's blog is not only all about the open letter and dark humor, the other posts are also equally humorous and an enjoyable read.

2. The supposedly best response to the original open letter :  Mad Momma's Politically correct response

Of course there are many who would love to piggyback on the new found popularity of the open letters and would want to exhibit their ignorance, lack of sense of humor and the fact that they have a stick up their *** by blogging about it and trying to drive a little traffic their way (yes your honour, I guess in all honesty I am guilty of this charge too ;-)). But Mad Momma takes things to a different level altogether and that too in a very bitter way. She thrashes Shahana's post  from all directions and tries to portray herself as the politically correct messiah who might have the answer to all the hatred within humanity. But personally it's just sad that people have to get so worked up over a really funny blogpost. Shahana's views might not have been the most mature or wise, but who cares? It was fun to read, well written and most importantly worth a good laugh. Nobody started hating Delhi boys or South Indian men more/less after reading it. Mad Momma probably was probably high on ecstasy when blogging coz she keeps praising herself for having found a 'fayer' handsome Sawth Indian boy and even talks about kissing and making up between northies, southies and drags in the pakistanis as well to her orgy!!!! Well these are the kind of people who might have problems with strong opinions like those expressed by Jeremy Clarkson. But Mad Momma is really not all that mad, the rest of her blog is really awesome and definitely worth a read.

3. Another Delhi boy trying to dodge the bullets : "I am better than that other Delhi boy, OK!!!"

We all know that most of the time most of us are not at all that perfect. Everyone has their moments of shame alongwith their moments of glory and we think we balance our good side : the helpfulness, sweetness, respect for others and whatever, with our bad side : our lies, the perverted things we sometimes think, ego, hatred and whatever. We rationalise that this is all part of being human, but author of  'The Disgruntled Mob' is the extreme end of the spectrum. He is the kinda guy who forks out major dough to watch the first F1in India and is busy observing the butt cracks of people ahead of him! But nevertheless his blog is an enjoyable read and his reponse the open letter is a good one.

Whatever I feel about these blogs or bloggers really do not matter coz all these blogs are good reads and you must check 'em all out.