Friday, February 3, 2012

Morning Jog

Today morning I kinda woke up real early and so went out for a walk almost at the crack of dawn. There's this park near my place where we get to see a lot of people of all ages and from all walks of life, all walking or jogging at a brisk pace, a few uncles have reserved a prime spot for their noisy but fun to watch badminton games and the fitter kids would usually be busy doing push ups and flexing their muscles on a stage like structure in the middle. Like a breeze of fresh air, a pretty decent looking chick ( compared to the other females that come for a walk at that time, you could probably call the chick a hot babe ;) ) walked past the park presumably on the way to her house from god knows where. I saw her, admired god's handiwork and continued with my leisurely stroll, but I couldn't help smiling when I saw that at least 2 dozen men all around me were literally gaping at this girl with open mouths. It was a sight to be seen, the 2 dozen men included all kinds of people : from young hormonally charged teenagers to married pot-bellied uncles to tar coated road workers to macho union guys. I guess all Indian men consider themselves alpha males! Literally! This can be seen in all walks of life in India, from a mentally challenged pan handler to politicians holding the highest state offices, all males and some of the females in govt. positions, a majority of the population are alpha males out here, maybe that's a good thing, but it certainly takes some getting used to ;)