Saturday, July 10, 2010

F1 Gift

The beautiful sculpture in metal that you see above is the beast that propelled the young 23-year old Sebastian Vettel to the 2nd position in the 2009 F1 World Championship. This car played a major role in him setting a lot of new lap records, breaking a lot of F1 records and him being nicknamed the 'New Schumacher'. 

Red Bull Racing was born from the ashes of the failed Jaguar Racing team and the major force behind getting this team to be a serious title contender was the Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey who was poached from the McLaren team in 2006. Adrian Newey is considered a genius in F1 design. This is what is written about him on the Red Bull Racing website :

" During 30 years in motorsport Adrian Newey has developed something of a legend. He’s heralded as an original thinker, a maverick designer, the heir to the legacy of Colin Chapman and a softly-spoken genius. But the thing he’s best known for is winning...

...It’s a widely-held belief that Adrian does his best work whenever F1 undergoes one of its periodic regulatory upheavals, moving development away from number crunching and briefly allowing creativity and intuition to come back to the fore. 2009 demonstrated that in ample measure: Red Bull Racing’s breakthrough season had Adrian’s RB5 taking five pole positions and score six victories....

...The idea of a clean sheet of paper isn’t just a metaphor. Despite the non-stop technological advancement of F1, Adrian still likes to use the drawing board rather than a supercomputer when he’s feeling creative. Away from the office he indulges a passion for classic sports cars, as both a keen collect and amateur racer. Not one to let the laws of physics stand in the way of a borderline overtaking opportunity, he’s had some high-profile scraps in recent years, but - undaunted by the bruises and occasional concussion - has progressed to more serious racing, finishing a highly creditable fourth in class and 22nd overall in the 2007 24 Heures Du Mans while driving an AF Corse Ferrari F430. He also won the 2009 Goodwood Revival TT Race, sharing his Lightweight E-Type Jaguar with his old friend, Bobby Rahal."

So when the car he designed secured 6 wins from 17 races with 5 pole positions and 6 lap records broken, what did Red Bull do ?? They gave him the car as a gift at the Goodwood festival of speed last week !!! When Red Bull secured 1-2 victories at China & Britain Adrian celebrated by donuting a Ferrari California on Team Principal Christian Horner's lawn and partially ruining it....this time around rumours are that the grass is gonna totally come off, or worse the tremendous torque for RB5 might cause the planet to spin the opposite direction !!!

Some of the information and all of the pictures were taken from the Red Bull Racing Website. Thank you Red Bull !!!