Friday, July 9, 2010

Promises, promises .....

Its been ages since I decided to keep my blog updated and on more than one ocassion I have blogged that I am going to change forever and that things will be a lot more different from now on. Everytime I did put up a post saying tht things will be different, I was also trying to change a lot of other things in my life too. But all those vows were practically only as true as a politician's campaign promise. Well I have wanted to change for a long long time now and it just doesn't seem to work. I have tried every trick in the book, starting with imitating role models, changing behaviour patterns, altering my daily routines, changing my job, shifting my country of residence, gave up, tried again a gazillion times.....and the list goes on......and still I haven't figured the magic secret thats going to revolutionise my life and make me the next Steve Jobs or Richard Branson.

Its not like we don't know what makes a succesful person tick, most of us if given half a chance could easily give a lecture on how to live properly. Most of us our experts in the field of human psychology, many thanks to the reality shows on air, tremendous amount of info available on the net and of course our ever growing hunger for gossip and our passion for seeing every other person's lives around us through the looking glass and trying to figure out what makes them 'do it'. Well this time I am in another one of those famous life-changing phases and this time around I am trying even more harder to completely alter myself.

I was chilling with a few friends at Wadi Hattat yesterday night and we were sitting at a coffee shop with a good view of the road ahead of us. This was in Wadi Hattat 5. A minute ago we drove across a junction in order to get to this coffee shop and a minute later we heard the gruesome sound of metal on metal and a shout. I saw somethin like a big bag flying and landing about 10 metres away and then shifted my attention to the spot where a bicycle had got crumpled by a big white land cruiser. The road was poorly lit and the Landcruiser probably did not see the guy on the cycle trying to cross (or driving on the side of the road, nobody really knows). Whatever the case, it was soon pretty obvious that it was the cyclist who flew and fell in the middle of the road and not a bag or anything. Not a single person was in the vicinity except for a few of us. I was totally stunned for a few minutes and had no idea what to do. 2 Two of my buddies rushed forward without thinking anything, they ran, shouting & screaming, picked up the victim, banged on the land cruiser and made the driver open the back doors. They then told the driver to rush to Khoula Hospital. All this happened in just a few minutes.

Two things that I observed from this incident is the fragile nature of our lives, and the total lack of selfishness on the part of those friends of mine. They did not think about anything other than saving the poor victim, it is truly something commendable, especially for me since I am coming from India where I have seen dire situations where people are are only worried about saving their own asses. Well all this highly influenced me and I have decided to make some concrete, significant changes. Period.