Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been avoiding all kinds of distractions since I woke up at 11. Had to give in to the temptation and have a cola sometime back though. Still on it.

Update : Once again drifted into wrong philosophy, the one that includes denial and discipline. Its just not for me. I need to remember that I always need to be myself, thats the easiest philosophy to my happiness. Somehow my instincts know exactly what I want and has all the resources required to ensure my success and happiness. Sounds crazy but it might have something to do with sub-conscious, unconscious or whatever. All I need to do is listen to myself and do accordingly, no more fuckin highly detailed plans, milestones or goals for me. All I need to know is the general direction in which I am sailing. Keeping it simple, listen to all my own needs - short, medium and long-term ones and take the next action based on gut feeling. All my life I have been trying to connect the dots looking forwards, it doesnt happen like that, at least not for me.