Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why oh why?

I love Julian Assange, he is one of my inspirations to get into coding and his outlook on life and the world is something truly worth emulating. But he should have played things slightly smarter I feel. When you are in a position where you are going to be pissing off a lot of seriously powerful people & institutions, you need to make sure that those very same people don't get to you so easily. Dominic Strauss-Kahn (DSK from henceforth) once famously predicted that he feared he was going to be tarnished in some kind of legal dispute very soon because he was trampling on the feet of the king-makers of France & worldwide. You don't believe me? Go google it or look up his article on wikipedia, I'll be damned if I am goin to post a link here for that, you lazy asses. DSK was a well respected politician in France and internationally. Being the chief of IMF his thoughts & words had considerable value for everyone affected by the global economic crisis, his opinions were featured in the Academy Award winning documentary the 'Inside Job' and if you have seen it you know that he isnt one to mince his words with diplomacy or ass-wiping for the higher ups, he says it like he sees it. And see where it got him? Not very powerful or respected now is he? He got it coming to him just as he himself predicted would happen, and the end results being that someone who was viciously hated throughout France (read Nicholas Sarkozy) almost won a second term in office, someone draped in medicority and whom nobody knew about till very recently (read Francois Hollande) became the French president and what about DSK? Oh well he just got embroiled in a fake sexual assault case in the United Fuckin-States of America and pretty much lost everything he had, reputation and political ambitions included. So whats the lesson to be learned? Pretty boy there isn't such a thing as 'Truth shall win no matter what" or "Good always defeats evil" or "the do-gooders will get free entry to heaven". If you are gonna play against the villains of this world, know that they outnumber you by at least a ratio of a million is to one, they have very very very powerful friends, they will go to any extent to fuck you in the ass while they are sipping champagne in their personal jets landing on their private islands while being blown by virgins. So inspite of all this if you are going to play with fire, then at least be fuckin careful. It wouldn't hurt to take a couple of lessons from the internationally (in)famous Banksy. Probably he should be your PR advisor. So Mr. Assange, despite repeated warnings from your own buddies (read Daniel Domscheit-Berg aka Daniel Schmitt) you decided to hog all the limelight while you screwed the ultra-secretive governements of the most powerful & rich countries and corporates, so now pay for it with a few sexual assault cases and some quality me-time courtesy of the US or Swedish Penitentiary systems.
Take a few lessons from him on how remain anonymous & cool at the same time