Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Several times in my life I have experienced a feeling of utter dillema in choosing whats right and whats wrong........I was brought up in a very conservative background and my dad was and still is a very very righteous person.....he just hates doing things the wrong way......he doesn't like jumping queues, doesn't like bribing people, absolutely hates cheating and lying, has never broken the law not even a traffic rule and the list goes on.....its almost as though Lord Sri Ram and Harishchandra are his role models......sometimes it is really nice to know that we are (or rather at least he is) doing the right thing......after all back in kindergarten we were thought "Honesty is the best policy" and all tht...... but then as I started getting older and more observant, more than righteous people I started observing a lot of cockheads who gave a damn about whats right or wrong and did things as they pleased.

From a very small age itself whenever me or my brother used to see a pencil or some other stationary items lying around in class we used to make sure that we get it back to its rightful owner or else leave it with the Class teacher or the 'Lost and Found' department......but almost everyday I would be losing a pencil or two from my collection, erasers (or 'rubbers' as we used to call them) were a hot item in the 'Missing Stationary' list as were rulers (or 'scales')......My first Inoxcrom ink pen, my first Parker pen and a lot many other items also found a place in tht list and soon I was getting tired of it.......I used to see kids not returning things which they would find on the floors or in desks......they wud also have a ready answer if I asked them, "Finders keepers, Losers weepers" !!!!.....man that attitude changed most of my priorities.....from those very early days itself I got caught in the confusion of doing the right thing and doing the wrong one.

Once in primary school there was some small dispute in class during lunch-break ('recess' as we most of us know it) between 2 kids, one guy was a big bully and he started pushing, shoving and bad-mouthing the other guy who actually was a nice and innocent chap......once the word 'Fuck' got into the argument (it was still a very sacred word back then and wud be used only in the most extreme of cases, unlike now when we use it more like a punctuation mark) and the smaller chap started getting thrashed several of us felt that something should be done, 2-3 guys went to call the class teacher while myself and another friend tried to pull apart the 2 buggers....after recess the class teacher came and started investigating and finally asked the bully, the small guy and me to meet her outside the class.....as soon as we got out she accussed me of using the 'F' word and when I started protesting about my role in the whole matter, she sent the guys who were beating the shit out of each other back to class and started advising me on the usage of clean language......when I insisted that I had nothing to do with the fight or swearing.....she said tht someone in class told her the whole story and tht worse than fighting is using the 'F'word and that i have gravely sinned and need to bring my parents to school to meet her !!!! I was flabbergasted....I didnt want to bring in my parents and embarass them too for something tht I had nothing to do with........I told my classteacher that somebody has told the wrong story and tht I was innocent and guess what she gave me for my innocence and naivety.....a tight slap on my left cheek with all her might !!!!!!

From then on there were several incidents that really let me down , I began to (and still) doubt most peoples value systems, what exactly is right and whats wrong..........in college there were guys who used to copy in all the exams and pass with flying colours while I foolishly upheld morals and values and stayed back for a couple more years......In the workplace there were guys and gals who used to adopt unethical methods to make their stats look good while a couple of us tried to work in the right way and always managed to lose out on the glitzy awards and recognitions which the cheaters always manged to grab.......amongst family members the guys who amassed the highest amount of money was the winner and the person to be looked upto whether they make it the right way or not....in school and college, the nice, decent guys always lose out on the good chicks and most of them never get laid and in fact are also considered losers while the no-gooders, who give a damn about studies and decency, who manage to create an anti-establishment image always land up with the gorgeous babes and date/screw several girls simultaneously......and then I started seeing a pattern.

Amongst nations, amongst politicians, amongst businessmen, amongst people, for everything it all boils down to the size of our balls........not kidding......if we have the balls to pull it off, be it right or wrong, we can achieve whatever we want......In every situation, I began by doing the right thing......helping out everybody, following the ethics, basically just doing to the word what I was taught to do by my parents and teachers from time immemorial......but then its not really hard work that matters, its smart work........after a couple of times of gettin rubbed the wrong way inspite of doing the right thing, I focussed on doing the smart thing rather than the right thing.

In a similar context : Sri Lanka has been having a terrorist problem in their own country for a really really long time now, a bunch of people of one community have been asking to split the country into 2 and give them one half !!!! How fricking ridiculous does that sound ??? .......well for a long long time Sri Lanka dealt with this issue as though it was common cold, it will come and it will go, even if you try using medication it will take its own sweet time to exit our system, all we can do is not aggravate it further. Recently they discovered that it wasn't common cold that they were dealing with but a tumor which needed to be chopped off and they finally started dealing with the issue in the right way.......better late than never......but this internal issue has caused so much discussion and dispute in the world diaspora lately.......most world leaders and humanity organisations have condemned Sri Lanka's actions and are asking them for a ceasefire......I just have one question for them.......WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS THINKING ???

SITUATION 1 : On a beautiful September morning, Al-Qaeda attacked America, the attack lasted less than 2 hours and killed around 2,998 people excluding the hijackers and destroyed around 5-7 major buildings, creating a big dent in the American economy........What was America's reaction ???......a 'War on Terrorism' which till date has lasted for more than 7 years, killed at least more than 1,011,000 civilians and counting, and has destroyed hundreds of thousands of buildings, power stations. industries and effectively totally destroyed the economies of 2 entire nations.

SITUATION 2 : After years of violent and political struggle , the Tamils and the Sri Lankan government finally reached a peace accord in 1987, the LTTE refused to disarm and continued their ultra-violent methods to secure a nation for themselves....their attacks on the government has been on going for 22 years killing at least 70,000 people on both sides....killing several prominent politicians including our ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi........and when finally the Sri Lankan government gathers its act together and does something that does not even faintly resemble the inhumanity inflicted by the USA....everybody wants them to stop and they get condemned for inhumanity !!!!!

" Waterboarding is a form of torture that consists of immobilizing the victim on his or her back with the head inclined downwards, and then pouring water over the face and into the breathing passages. By forced suffocation and inhalation of water, the subject experiences drowning and is caused to believe they are about to die. In contrast to submerging the head face-forward in water, waterboarding precipitates a gag reflex almost immediately. It can cause extreme pain, dry drowning, damage to lungs, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, lasting psychological damage or, ultimately, death. Adverse physical consequences can start manifesting months after the event while the psychological effects can last for years."

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed,a member of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda organization spent 6 years in the most inhumane place in the world....the Guantanamo Bay detention camp......He was water-boarded 183 times in a single month by the symbol of humanity, CIA !!!!!

You guys must have heard about the Abu Ghraib prison affair......one of the most famous (or shud i say infamous)and the least revolting picture is the one on the left....for those who haven't seen the rest and have the stomach to see them click here..... the Iraqi we see in the pic was hooded and made to stand on that cardboard box for hours, there were wires tied to him and he was told tht if he moved away from the exact spot he was standing he would be electrocuted.....this was a very humane & considerate thing the U.S. Army did......

Aren't all these gross inhumanities and injustices ???......well speaking about right and wrong I really got diverted onto a totally different track, but the point is in the present world if we have the balls to do what we want, be it right or wrong, we can do it..........inspite of all the religions in the world trying to lead us in the right way, and all the education and knowledge trying to help us choose the right versus wrong, more and more people are doing the wrong thing. This is a very dangerous pattern, to say the least about it......its really high time we think about what really is right....its high time we inculcate a feeling of respect for human morals and values.......every single wrong that goes unchecked will lead to more wrongs, every negative personality that gets endorsed will lead to more following the same.....all this in turn will lead to a total destruction of the society as we know it.

From my own experiences I got the feeling that if we always do the right thing sacrificing our own well-being, we'll get royally screwed up coz at the end of the day nobody really cares whether we are doing the right thing or not, everybody cares about statistics & numbers....our boss worries about our perfomance parameters, our parents & wife worry about our bank balance, our friends worry about the number of chicks we banged.......personally I feel the moral fabric has already totally destroyed and there's no point telling anybody anything about all this. Its like each one to his own.....I just hope I'm wrong.