Friday, May 15, 2009

She deserves it !!!!

Whoa !!! One guy slaps his wife and suddenly this small domestic incident has taken on a life of its own........hundreds of blog articles, countless human rights activists literally starving for justice, media headlines, talkshows, protests and what not !!!!! Next thing we'll be hearing that the woman who got slapped will be writing a book on 'Islamic oppression of the fairer sex by chauvinistic pigs' and I am sure its gonna be a smash hit, making her a millionairess, leading to her own talkshow, media glory, hollywood contract, possibly an emmy nomination and what least then she can spend how muchever she wants on her abayas !!!!

Personally I would try my level best to not resort to any violence against women, but in this case I am not really sure.......yeah its right that the Saudi Arabia is a pretty strict place for us normal humans to survive, but this female asked for it.......first of all she goes and buys a R.O. 95 abaya (thats nearly Rs.12,250 for a black piece of cloth), then instead of tactfully dealing with her hubby, she manages to get slapped.......and then to top it all, instead of making the guy understand his mistake or realising her own mistake, she goes and files a case.....what the hell man.......its just a slap rite ?? If everytime we get a little angry and slap a person then most people on earth would be behind bars !!!! I can understand if a stranger somes and slaps you for no reason we can go to the police, but do we go and file a case whenever ourparents hit us ???