Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Only in Kerala !!!

This can happen only in Kerala......some really smart-ass malayali guy is trying to save some tax rupees by registering his frickin Ferrari 575 M Maranello as a TAXI !!!!

(for foreign readers and ignorant indian India, taxis are compulsorily registered with yellow number plates and have to display the plates on the sides of the car, apart from the regular front and back number plate slots.....notice on the rear of the car ???....and private vehicles have white number plates )

U know what ?? I am proud of this guy ....... he is driving around in a multi-million rupee Ferrari , which drinks like a gazillion gallons of fuel for every mile but he gets real thrifty when it comes to payin the taxes !!!!...........I am real happy that the good-for-nothing politicians and the useless government isn't getting any money from him....the bloody 120% tax is a too frickin illogical amount to pay !!!!